Bitcoin Jesus
The Messiah Cometh: The ‘Bitcoin God’ Roger Vere estimated Crypto worth Dec 2017 between
 $USD45 and Two billion five hundred million $USD
Keith Ver -
[aka Roger K Vere]  DOB: 27th January 1979
Total Change of everything has already begun.


The Gospel of the new 'Jesus' as "Truth Cometh".
Who is Roger of Truth? What drives him, what's his make up?

Ver is of Norman origin from de Ver. The Ver/Vere was introduced into Normandy France by Norsemen Vikings. Vere is derived
from the Old Norse word "ver" which meant a "station" or "fishing station as mirrored in Vear, Vestfold Norway" & in Latin means "True or Truth". There are some that say the Vere name is somehow linked to Marcus Aurelius a Roman emperor from 161 to 180 who  jointly ruled with Lucius Verus and had some association with 'Verus the Gladiaror'  Veri?  So Roger could have a considerable heritage to draw upon:
Vs Priscus Rome AD 80 Verus [vid]. Crypto Currency Training Video?

In the North of England and in Scotland, after the Norman Conquest, some Vere families names reflected Old English words "wær," or "wer," meaning "a weir." In Essex and Middlesex variants of Ver reflected as it sounded by the hearer, like Ver, Var, Vear, Veer, Vere, de Ver, de Vere, de Veere or all names meaning de Ver or of Vere.

The Vere family moto is "Vero, nihil verius" meaning, Nothing truer than the TRUTH.  Lucius Verus in 161 used toyed with the Truth as did Aubrey de Ver I in 1066, Horace Vere some 500 years later used it as well, with a war cry the "Truth Cometh", they all toyed with the 'Truth', after all the world is just but a stage in the contest of life".

Alberic de Ver or Aubrey (Albericus  Truth Cometh) de Vere (died:1112-1113) a French speaking Viking descendent who was tenant-in-chief in England of William the Conqueror in 1086.

His son Lord Alberic de Vere, II - 1st Earl of Oxford

Also Known As:   "Aubre", "Aubrey", "Vere", "Albericus de Ver", "1st Earl of Oxford", "Sheriff of London & Middlesex", "Lord of Hedingham Castle", "Justiciar of England", "Sheriff of London", "Aubrey II", ""Alberic", "Lord Great Chamberlain of England" "Lord Great Chamberlain of England."
Birthplace:   Hedingham, Essex, England
Death:   circa May 15, 1141
The Rebellious, Innovators and Vere notaries in history:
may well have these genes, that over time this family constantly produces personalities who create  historical changes in society.

Robert de Vere
as a Baron who signing the Magna Carta aka Robert Veer,  Earl of Oxford

- Rohese de Vere, Countess of Essex (c. 1110 – 1170) 
daughter of Aubrey de Vere II and Adeliza de Clare [Sinclair/St Clair- Knight Templar]
Roisia Vere said to be mother of Robin Hood with blood connections to both the Kings of Scotland and England. She was the legendary founder of Royston connected to the Knights Templar Royston Caves


Horace Vere. In 1609 was a governor of the London Company / the Virginia Company. And The Somers Isles Company Bermuda  formed in 1615 as an English colony of the Somers Isles Company, also known as Bermuda.  Horace is as listed authority / Governor on the 2nd Virginia Charter, entered as
Horatio Vere and Sir Horatio Veere, Knight.

 Horace was one of the brothers to were the famous Vere Generals called the Fighting Veres [15th century].

 Brothers Francis & Horace Vere were cousins to 17th Earl of Oxford Edward Vere

Somer Islands BitCoin Pig currency
Edward de Vere
17th Earl of Oxford as thought aka Shakespeare.
Oxfordians say Edward Vere is the real contributor, the true author of the Shakespearean plays and poems,  not the  illiterate William Shakespeare.

Robin Hood

Horace Veer
Governor Baron Horace Vere

Making new Money

Lets Make a New Country

Crypto Revolution
Roger Ver CEO of Bitcoin he was formerly an American citizen born and lived in Silicon Valley. But a stint in Gaol frighten him and he became a Kittitian, now resides in Japan and identifies himself as a libertarian an anarcho-capitalist, peace advocate, advocates for individualism and voluntaryism. Roger even attempted to enter politics by running for California State Assembly as a candidate for the Libertarian Party.

Where does all this 'free will' and 'self sovereign' ideas come from? Genes? Maybe but.  Best bet is a natural inclination to interesting ideas as Roger demonstrates here in this link 'How I came to be a Voluntaryist'. Interesting ideas indeed but we have seen these ideas before especially in Australia, England and in South  America. Yet he wants to create a new sovereign country of his own.

Some creative ideas were particularly expressive during the experimental nation building periods of last 300 years. Private wars and contract Pirating, competitive trade and emergences of Freeman nations with representative Government, once established mostly started to move away from Monarchical absolutism and over zealous centralised Church authoritarianism & humans abuses all allowed for the rise of an array of  Religious divergences and a kaleidoscope of  liberationist ideologies.

You know what is out of place with all these movements is the current trending towards a centralist position of monetary control. This is likely why the Cyrop Currency & Block-chain revolution is totally freaking out  'the centralists', Bankers, financers, 'debt slavey' sellers with the Taxation Industries are fearful of Roger and his 100 of million followers. So Roger is really pounding upon a raw nerve with the now unstoppable user control Bitcoin revolution.

In all previous ages most new ideologies end up being abandoned after a short time especially after when mentally ill, psychopaths and money control freaks are allowed to get control but this time around  'the centralists' control freaks are cut out right out of the picture.

Rogers ideas may work for a time and could flourish maybe even of a few hundred years but the real trick is to make it last for 2000 years like Jesus of Nazareth did!

We all know Human nature is what it is, and mans madness will dually run its course, so lets see where this takes us all..   How about Giving him a go?

Australia’s bizarre socialist colony
 in Paraguay 1893
Aussies left to create utopia, a place where no-one drank, no-one cheated and all were equal. It took less than two years to fall apart.


Prediction of the future

        You will 'Love your Slavery'

1984 George Orwell Final Warning

Roger's Free Society

Ayn Rand

Vere Islands Province of Newfoundland and Labrador

Hey Roger,
How about the
Vere Islands?
(Province of Newfoundland & Labrador)

With project this Roger is seeking to buy land of a Government somewhere and create a new nation.
We are purchasing sovereignty from a government to create the world’s first Free Society.  Many prominent names in the libertarian world are joining our  team.

 Vere treasure island Bill Gates showsVere Treasure island

Maybe Roger should look at buying the Vere Island group little north of Oak Island or other wise known as Treasure Island and Vere Islands

Now all this comes out of libertarianism.

Nicholas de Vere

Interestingly Nicholas de Vere does say in an online recording 'that the new Jesus or Messiah Jesus will come from the' House of Vere' and change everything.

Dragon court - libertarianism


Money supply issues.
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